You have received your first payout but you can’t see it in your wallet?

Please make sure you create or use the existing non-custodial wallet (when you have sole ownership of the private key and/or a seed-phrase).
Your wallet must support the network you use for your payouts. 
If you have received your payout to the wallet that does not support the selected network please contact our tech support team here, we will try to help. 

For further instructions we take Metamask wallet as an example, we will explain adding tokens via contract address in MetaMask, but this works the same for other wallets as well. However there’s a number of wallets that do not allow adding tokens via contract address, in this case you can use the search field and find your token by name. 

1. Open MetaMask and check the network, you should select the network that you used for payout from the pool. In our case it’s OKX Chain (former OKExChain or OEC Mainnet), then click "Import tokens".

2. At this stage you need to fill in the "Token contract address" field, other fields will be filled in automatically. Then click. "Add user’s token". The contract address depends on the network you selected.  Here’s the list of all networks supported by Ezil and the corresponding contract addresses. 

OKX Chain — 0xef71ca2ee68f45b9ad6f72fbdb33d707b872315c

BNB Chain — 0x2170Ed0880ac9A755fd29B2688956BD959F933F8

You're all set. You have added the token into your wallet and now your balance should be displayed correctly.